My favorite thing about life and nature is the rhythm of the seasons. Whether it is the shift in the light, the temperature, the length of the days, or the tilt of the Earth, my being and my body respond and shift as well. Sometimes it is deeply spiritual, full of breakthrough and exciting growth. Sometimes it looks more like Seasonal Affective Disorder and a sinus condition in desperate need of a proper diagnosis.

So, I’ll let you in on a little secret: learning to be an unapologetic truth-teller has moved me from simply surviving the seasons to resting and relishing in them. Even the hard ones that have me walking out of the other side of the storm looking worn, weathered, and like I have styled my hair by sticking my finger in an electrical outlet. But, along the way, I have learned some things about the art and practice of truth telling, and that is what I hope to share with you here.

This is a place to share the true stories of real life experiences. Some of those stories are born out of trauma, and some of them are beautiful stories of healing. As is often the case when children are involved, some of the stories are exceptionally funny (humor is healing, if you ask me), and all of those stories have a place here. Whether the story is about running, the antics of my crazy pets, being a full-time single parent, or the Big Questions that I tend to ask of God, should you find a piece of yourself in the story, I hope that you will also find a little bit of healing. And if that healing is accompanied by a little chuckle or full-on belly laugh, then all the better!

Welcome, friend.