I want to sponsor all the children

May Lee and I had a fantastic surprise waiting for us when we got home today- our first letter from our sponsored child! We began the sponsoring journey a little after the New Year, so we’ve been anticipating this first correspondence for awhile. Our little fella is just about May Lee’s age, and he shares my birthday. Some might think that the common birthdate would have sealed the deal on the sponsorship, as it does for many people, but they would be wrong in this case. It was his little, half angry-half sad face peering out from under his 4 year old semi-mullet that led my heart to know that this was the child for me. And the fact that he was just May Lee’s age, shared my birthday, and lived in Peru, a country that I have always wanted to travel to, simply confirmed that this was the child we needed in our lives.

It has really been a great experience so far. Besides the monthly monetary support, we’ve sent a couple of letters to Renzo, as well as a birthday gift. May Lee likes to get out her Hugg-a-Planet and her little atlas to find where Renzo lives on the map, noting how far away it is from where we live and discussing how much we look forward to taking a trip with Compassion International to meet Renzo one day. In the letter we got from him today, he told us that his favorite food is papa a la Huancaina. I have already consulted Google for the recipe, which looks delicious, and I may have to attempt to make it if I can find the ingredients here in town. May Lee also asks me frequently how to say different words in Spanish, and again, we consult Google and press the little speaker icon so we can hear the word and attempt to repeat it. I’m very sad to say that my child has inherited my complete lack of ability in the language department. Her attempts to repeat the word for blanket in Spanish were highly amusing but not even close to resembling any of the sounds that she was trying to imitate, which only goes to prove that she is most definitely my child.

One of the inserts in the letter we received today was a plea for sponsors for older children. Just like our American foster care system, it seems like the older kids are harder to find sponsors for. And just like I have wanted to take home so many of the foster children that I have worked with over the years, I want to sponsor all the children. Obviously, it is impossible for me to foster, adopt, and/or sponsor all the children, so this is my shameless plug for getting involved with fostering/adopting/sponsoring a child in hopes that it will inspire someone to bring a child into their hearts and lives in some shape, form, or fashion. Renzo has certainly made an impact on our family, and we are all the better for it.

If you’d like to learn more about Compassion International,  check out their webpage at www.compassion.com



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