I Am Where I Am Supposed to Be

I can only describe this week as an other-worldly experience of deja vu and the promise of something brand new competing for top billing in my brain. And those 2 things were battling it out so intensely that things like basic motor and language skills ceased to work properly. Granted, the lingering sinus infection and the Zyrtec-Sudafed cocktail that is keeping me from completely collapsing may have also played into the inability to speak coherently or to recognize that the keys I’m searching for are, in fact, already in my hand. But I digress…

The fact that I’m even currently living in this town should have been proof positive to me that big change is a-comin’. It sincerely took an act of God to make me willing to relocate from the beautiful, white beaches and warm, crystal clear waters of the Gulf Coast, but trying to raise a child while living at the poverty line will make a person re-evaluate and re-prioritize. Hmmm, shall we eat just enough to keep us alive and live at the beach or shall we have enough to eat and not live at the beach? I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I really like to eat, so we don’t live at the beach anymore.

We now live in a town that I said that I would never live in, and I approached settling in here with all the trepidation of a paranoid feline flying through the air toward a very large body of water. I have been a little wary, you might say. But the events of this week, which have been a series of very small details coming together inexplicably at the perfect time to point a certain direction, have proved more than anything else that I am where I am supposed to be. I am at the right place at the right time doing the right things.

I thought when I started this little blog thing that I’d be recording the journey of making my life over in this new place. A life makeover, if you please. But as this week started to unfold, it became very clear that the whole “life makeover” was a cute idea and all, but what God has in mind is more along the lines of a complete life overhaul. God is moving, y’all, and I feel a deep sense of reverence and excitement along with a great deal of anticipation and anxiety. That whole “fear of the unknown” and “I need to know exactly where I’m going at all times” thing is responsible for those last 2 emotions, but these adventures never do come with a roadmap, do they?

Also, I feel like for dramatic emphasis, we all need to pause here and go directly to The Chronicles of Narnia and find the place in the book (or movie) where the characters say “Aslan is on the move”. But I’ll leave you to do that on your own time.


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