The Weekly Recap: You All Are the Best


You all are the best…

Let me begin by saying how completely overwhelmed I have been this week by the response to Redemption in Divorce. I honestly wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared for the responses that came, but I feel like God really showed up in the middle of it all. My heart just about stopped as the truth of “It’s not just me” flooded over me. I heard from so many of you who have stories similar to mine, and oh, how I wish I could sit down with each and every one of you and just talk over a cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever your beverage of choice might be. I am really so very thankful for those of you who reached out with kind words and encouragement and with your own stories, and I hope that we can connect again soon.

I’m a Hot Mess…

To say that this week has been busier than the last would be an understatement. Besides the normal routine of work, church, school, soccer, and a graduate level class, this week required a few extra activities for soccer, my class, and May Lee’s school. Somehow, I’ve managed to keep us fed and in clean clothes, though those clothes very rarely make it out of the laundry basket and onto hangers these days. Also, the general state of my house could best be described as “gross”, and that would be fair. I would like to say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that very soon some time will free up, but that is not the case. Rather, I’m simply getting better at lowering my standards in some areas, prioritizing my time in a hardcore way, and working in the margins much more efficiently. It may look like chaos on the outside, especially when I forget things like packing May Lee’s soccer stuff or bringing my computer to work, and that would be because it is chaos. But deep down there really is a purpose and structure to it all. Hopefully, by the end of this busy season, I will have sharpened my time management skills to such a degree that Franklin Covey will offer me a plaque in recognition of my mastery of planning and prioritizing. It’s all about the big rocks, people.

Also, I’m not holding my breath about that plague.

The Single Mom Gig…

We had a pretty great weekend. Soccer pictures were this weekend, and I have high hopes that the prints will be adorable. You wouldn’t have guessed it from the sour attitude my child wore all over her face right up until the very second the photographer hit the button on the camera. Then and only then, did my child turn on her precious angel smile. And that was after she took somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 MINUTES to walk from the parking lot to the field where the pictures were being taken. I mean, the girl had to work hard to walk that slow. God love her hard-head and tender heart. She will rule the world one day!

The leaves she collected on our scooter adventure…we were out there for awhile

Did I also mention that is was approximately 10,000 degrees outside on Saturday? The poor photographers at the soccer fields were visibly wilting. Being that we were already sweaty, we decided to go ahead and hit the up local festival. We had a good time doing all of May Lee’s favorites- face-painting, pony-ride, sand art, mini golf, and she even attempted to climb the rock wall. I was proud of her for doing that, because she has been wanting to do it but got scared on the first step up. Sometimes, I worry that her anxiety keeps her from trying new things or from putting forth effort on things she thinks she can’t do perfectly. So, it did my heart well to hear her say later in the week during an afternoon walk around the neighborhood “I didn’t come out here just to scooter. I came out here for an adventure.”

Finally, we have entered the stage of the hypotheticals, and I have learned that I have precious little patience for hypotheticals. “What if there wasn’t just one left, what if there were two left?” “What if that car really did hit that other car?” “What if that leaf were red instead of brown?” Or how about the time I told her to get water to drink, because we were out of milk. “But what if we WEREN’T out of milk?” she said. “We ARE out of milk, so get some water” I replied. “I know, Mom, but what if we WEREN’T out of milk?” I just don’t even know how to respond these questions, other than to roll my eyes to remind myself that this is just a phase. Let’s just leave it at I have room to grow in this area.

The Life Overhaul:

I finished The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, and what a practical little life-changing book. I realize that I have gone on and on about this book, and that is because it is amazing and you must read it. I’m working on implementing the ideas in the book in my daily life, and so far the only one that I’ve really done consistently is to create a practice of gratitude. Now that I’ve gotten it down to where consistently do this practice every morning, my next project is finding a fun gratitude practice that May Lee and I can do together every day. Something other than the standard bedtime prayer of “thank you for my family and my friends”. I was thinking about something more creative and hands-on. I have not consulted the great and powerful Pinterest yet, but I’m sure the ideas found therein will be numerous and somewhat intimidating. I’ll keep you posted about what I find and what I end up trying out.

Creativity is the word on my mind lately, and I’ve trying to save space in my over-scheduled life for it. Making sure that I have this outlet once or twice a week has saved my brain from completely melting and running out of my ears as I have plowed through journal articles, book chapters, and discussion boards for my class. I recently picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, and it seems like a timely read as I’m trying to incorporate creative outlets into my life.

Other than saving space for creativity, exercise has been another thing that has saved my bacon during this busy season. Especially since Brach’s Autumn Mix and a Sonic Oreo Blast made their way into my life this week. I am powerless against the Oreo. But in all seriousness, it’s been really difficult to get in even a few crunches and a decent amount of steps each day. I’ve really been working in the margins of my time to make it happen, like the day I had to use my lunch break to drop something off at my daughter’s school. I had 20 minutes until I had to drive back to work, so I took a quick walk around the campus. The weather is finally cooling off, and I am deeply craving to start running again. I just don’t think my schedule can flex enough to make it happen, but I haven’t given up trying to figure that out just yet.

Coming Up Next:

Don’t know if y’all have heard the news or not, but there is this small, discreet, and well-mannered political campaign going on. I have some thoughts on it, but most of those thoughts are not directly related to politics but more along the lines of what God has convicted me of in light of the political campaign. As a result, my perspective and attitude has changed quite a bit.

On a side note, Twitter was my absolute favorite place to be during the political debate. I know you think I’m crazy, because hello, social media and politics DO NOT PAIR WELL. But I have a whole new love for Twitter. I have a personal account, but I can’t say that I have ever enjoyed it. However, this week I set up an account for the blog, and with some help, I have been able to find “my people”- my favorite authors well known for their humor. Twitter is now my new happy place. I was LAUGHING UNTIL I CRIED during the presidential debate. The handle for this Twitter account is @Singlemomonmis2 if you’d like to join the fun.

Things I Like that I’ve Mentioned in This Post:

It occurred to me that I talk about things that I love or have discovered on this blog, and then I totally leave you hanging about where to find it if you want to check it out. So, below I’ve put links to the things I’ve mentioned.

To begin, I believe that I’ve already mentioned my love for Franklin Covey. I literally have my whole life in my Covey planner- calendar, financial forms, address & phone numbers, business cards, financial worksheets, notes & ideas….shall I go on.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown:

Fitness 22 Great Abs App. Please do not believe for one second that I am currently in possession of “great abs”. A bathroom selfie snapped with one hand while my other hand lifts my shirt to reveal rippling abs all the way down to my low-slung pants will not be forthcoming. To me, this app would be more appropriately called “Abs for people currently without muscle tone in any portion of their core”. Abs for beginners, if you will.

7 Minute workout App. Again, for people who need to survive a workout by reminding themselves that they can do anything for 7 minutes:


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