The Weekly Recap:

Hello, friends. It has been quite the week. I haven’t had any stories to tell you about Stax and Emmy Lou, because they have done nothing outrageous as of late. Stax has taken to barking non-stop between the hours of 5 and 6 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. This has earned him some extra time in his crate, but other than that, he’s been mostly well-behaved.

Emmy Lou has also cycled back into a demeanor that is relatively easy to live with. Interestingly enough, she has taken up a new habit of running everywhere she goes. There is no smug, feline saunter through the hallway anymore; it is a full blown sprint on those tiny, little legs. It sounds as if a couple of speedy garden gnomes have taken up residence in our house. Come to think of it, this started right after I flea treated her. Perhaps the chemicals went to her head, subsequently stabilizing her mood and igniting her motor system. The running seems like a small price to pay for a nice cat.

img_2480Speaking of igniting, the biggest story of the week is my shower door, which betrayed me greatly. I finished my shower, turned off the water, and opened the door to exit the shower. Hardware flew with all the popping and jet propulsion of 4th of July fireworks, and with no hardware left on the hinges, the door pulled away from my grasping fingers and fell sideways leaving me exposed and completely perplexed by what was happening. Once I picked my jaw up off the tile floor and wrapped myself in a towel, I removed the door from its sideways resting place in my wall. Now it sits behind the bathroom door, waiting for me to move past my feelings of betrayal and into forgiveness so that I may return it to its rightful home.

img_2455May Lee kicked off her week with a surprise teddy bear sitting on our front steps that we discovered as we were getting into the car to go to church on Sunday morning. We don’t know who left it there for her, but we have several suspects in mind. My little girl is blessed to have so many people that love on her and pour into her life. In the afternoon, we attended the Fall Fest for our church. May Lee dressed as a renaissance princess, ran off and played with a boy most of the time, ate a bucket full of candy, and generally ignored most of the things I asked her to do. This independence thing is hard on both of us!  


As far as school and work, it has been a busy week for both of us. May Lee was able to attend a musical, and she recounted the entire plot to me with her own brilliant theatrics later that day. The girl has real talent in the arts and drama department. She also had a field trip to the zoo. My work has a whole lot of construction going on, and we are all very excited to see the progress. Our schedule has also changed, and I am still in the middle of transitioning to new job responsibilities. So, deep breath, we have been off of our normal routine this week. To compensate, I’ve been eating lots of treats. What can I say, old habits die hard.

A new, delicious, life-giving treat crossed my path this week and turned my world upside down. I have no self-control with these candies. I shamelessly ate them by the handful and made multiple trips back to the box for more. If you like peppermint and taffy, you need to try Lammes Peppermint Kisses. They are amazing.

Tomorrow is May Lee’s last soccer game, so our Saturdays are going to feel pretty empty after this. She has been blessed with a great coach, great teammates, and great parents of those teammates. It has been a pretty great first experience with soccer, and we’ll be looking forward to the spring season starting. In the meantime, we will enjoy the break and the slower pace.

I hope you all have plans for relaxation and fun this weekend! Blessings!

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