The Saturday Morning Struggle


The idea of a slow Saturday morning is what keeps me going through the week. If I can just get to Saturday morning, I will have time. Blessed TIME. Time to let my brain decompress and organize the trillions of pieces of information that it has been bombarded with throughout the week as I slowly sip my coffee.

I cling to this hope with such white-knuckle intensity that I go to bed somewhere between 8 and 8:30 on Friday nights, so that I can “sleep in” until 6 a.m. Doing this serves 2 purposes: it allows me to catch up on sleep by getting in 9-9 ½ hours and it allows me to wake up before my daughter and have some quiet time.

couch-cushinsThis is where I need to confess that feelings of resentment rise up in me when 7:30 rolls around, and I hear her doorknob turn and her little feet start to walk down the hall. Because at 7:30, my brain is still not ready for the non-stop action. I will go to the kitchen to fill up my coffee cup for a 2nd time and return to find that all the cushions from the couch and chair have been removed to make a magic sidewalk that can identify whether or not a person belongs in this house by how they step on the cushions.


Having my spot to curl up with a blanket and chill now removed, I begin to sort the dirty laundry and fold the clean laundry still in baskets from the previous week, all the while being interrupted by the constant talking, singing, question asking, and good old-fashioned arguing for no reason. Not to mention, the bed jumping and flopping that sends my freshly folded towels into disarray.

Let me pause for a minute to tell you about an enormous pet peeve of mine. I cannot stand it when people yell from different rooms in an attempt to communicate something. This happens everywhere I turn, and I thought it was the younger generation, but I see it occurring between people of my generation also. Why do people do this? I know that when I was growing up, I was taught to go find the person and speak with them at a normal volume if I had a question. Has this piece of etiquette become old-fashioned and outdated? If it has, I fully plan to wage a one-woman campaign to bring this form of manners back. It seems wildly disrespectful to me to yell across rooms and also wildly absurd to believe that anyone can communicate effectively this way. When my child yells at me from across the house, I will not answer her by yelling back. I instruct her to come to me and then I will answer her question. I understand that other families operate differently, so this is just an FYI that in this family when it comes to yelling across rooms, we kick it old school.

So yes, the yelling across the house was working my nerves this morning. I realize that I complain about both sides of this argument. I complain that I don’t have enough time with my daughter during the week, and I also complain that I don’t have enough time to myself. Both sides of the argument are true, and there’s the rub. I realize that this is a problem common to all parents, single or married, but I also believe that single parents have this problem to a greater degree. I believe this because my Facebook feeds tells me that some of you married parents have spouses that take the children for the morning so that you can sleep in. That spouse may even take the kids out for breakfast one morning, so that you can have the entire house to yourself. On behalf of single parents everywhere, let me exclaim “THAT SOUNDS GLORIOUS!”.

I do fantasize about using my hotel rewards points to simply stay at the local Holiday Inn, where I might spend an entire 24 hours in an incredibly comfortable bed with snacks, Netflix, and books completely vegging out with no interruptions. No urging myself to “relax faster!”, because she will be waking up soon. It’s insanity, isn’t it?

I have created color-coded excel spreadsheets of my time trying to find margins for more time for myself and for more time with my child. I believe that you’ve already been introduced to my nerdy love of my Franklin Covey planner. Despite my best efforts at time management, there is simply never enough time to get it all done. I realize that in 13 short years I won’t have my child at home anymore, and I really do want to make the most of the time I have with her. Still, sometimes I can’t help but believe that a Saturday morning all to myself might make me a better mama.

If you have any tips or tricks or wormholes in time that you use to create more margin for yourself and for your child, please share!

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