It’s another long Corona weekend, and we are getting desperate for entertainment


Quarantine Macarons

Here we are at the beginning of another long, Corona weekend, which oddly enough, makes we want to pull out that old Eagles record and play Tequila Sunrise over and over. Perhaps it is because the idea of another long, Corona weekend may just drive me to drink until the Monday morning sunrise.

I’m thinking my daughter feels similarly despondent about the time ahead. Upon waking up,  stumbling into the kitchen, and learning about her day of Zoom calls and online appointments, she decided to take to the bed again. I was able to lure her out with the reminder that we are scheduled to pick up Corona-survival themed macarons between her online appointments. 

The crazy thing is, she always feels better after she Zooms. It proved true again today, because after the call was over, she got up, brushed her hair, and put on her soccer uniform. This is the Corona style she has adopted: some days she dresses in a black t-shirt and black skirt with knee high black boots, and other days she wears her soccer uniforms. I’ve come to believe the outfits communicate the depth of her grief on any given day. The all black days are down days. The soccer uniform days seem to have an air of “everything is cancelled, even my soccer season, but I’m making the best of it”. 

The cats seem to be handling it all in stride. The old cat is wheezy-snoring in her Target box after a week of sauntering after opossums, death-staring at the back of my child’s head while she played on the iPad, and attacking a small, neighborhood dog that dared enter her territory. Tidden is just happy to have more snuggle time. 

The humans, however, are desperate for entertainment. We have 4 recessed lights in our kitchen, and 2 of them have burned out. We’ve kind of been gambling with how long the remaining 2 bulbs will last. Well, one more went out last night, so the suspense of this day has been whether or not we’ll be able to replace the lightbulbs before it gets dark outside. I was able to order the light bulbs online from Lowe’s, but my confirmation email warned me that I may be waiting for a minute before I can pick them up. The suspense builds….

Overall, we manage to keep our heads above water on the weekends. I always try to have something “special” to do on the weekends, and it looks like this weekend’s fun is going to be picking up quarantine themed macarons, picking up lightbulbs at Lowe’s, and whatever drama ensues from trying to install these lightbulbs into the ceiling. I can hardly stand the excitement. 

Friends, my own cabin fever is growing every day, and every weekend of quarantine that goes by increases the likelihood that the next weekend delivery will be the most redneck above-ground pool I can find on the internet. It matters not that my Corona food consumption has made fitting into a bathing suit out of the question. If pajamas and athleisure truly are the approved apparel for all quarantine activities, and that goes for pool time also. 

I know that announcements are being made about potential dates to begin reopening things, and I just pray that I will either become more patient or that things will be able to safely open up before you see me floating around my new pool in my flannel moose-print pajama pants.


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