Look at Our Unintentional Pumpkin Patch

Once upon a time, we had jack-o-lanterns that were beginning to rot. Being the lazy landscapers and environmentalists that we are, we thought we’d kill two birds with one stone and fill in a hole in our yard by composting our rotting pumpkins and leaves in this hole.

Fast forward several months, and I came home one day to discover an enormous puddle of water coming out of my laundry room. When the plumbers arrived, they walked the perimeter of the house looking for the access point to the main pipe. Upon reaching a conclusion as to the likely best source of access, they proceeded to dig.

“Oh!” he said, “This is a pumpkin hole!”

“Ummm, yeah. So, we were actually trying to fill in that hole in the yard, but now I’m guessing that’s not the best idea???” I replied sheepishly.

I wonder how often the plumbers tell the story about the lady with the jack-o-lantern corpses buried in her yard.

Fast forward several more months, and one day we noticed that a hardy, little plant had sprouted. Intrigued, we didn’t weed it or mow over it. We just let it be.

Now, look at it! It’s a monster of a pumpkin vine with the beginnings of the tiniest pumpkin.

So, all I’m saying is that if this pumpkin vine can grow this strong and healthy in a hole that apparently leads to the sewer line after having been torn up and dug up by plumbers, then perhaps something equally strong and healthy can grow in us as we endure the upheaval of this fertilizer storm we call 2020.

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