Hi, my name is Shelley, and I’m a single-parent to one sweet, smart, and highly sassy little girl. She was born and raised (until age 3) at the beach, so she shares my love of sand and sun. We now live in the middle of Arkansas with our yellow lab Stax, and enjoy being surrounded by our extended family.

I’m just living life one day at a time with my eyes wide open to the amazing, transformative work that God is doing in my head and in my heart. I’m calling it a life overhaul rather than a makeover, because this ain’t no beauty contest. God is putting some big things in front of me and calling me out to be brave, courageous, and focused when I am much more comfortable with maintaining my status quo of being inattentive and cowardly.

The dichotomy of those two things often makes me feel a little bit crazy, but that just makes for good reading, doesn’t it? What you’ll find here are the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of this mission I’m on to overhaul my life, along with the everyday comedy that comes with raising kids. Enjoy.